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FacultyAid AI – Grading Tool

FacultyAid is at the forefront of revolutionizing the grading process for educators. As my personal creation, this AI Grading System is meticulously designed to alleviate the grading burden, embodying the efficiency of a marker without the manual labor.

Why FacultyAid?

Streamline Grading: End the cycle of endless grading. FacultyAid swiftly processes Word and PDF assignments, offering you the break you deserve.

Customize to Your Style: With our adaptable Prompts Library, align the grading process with your teaching style and course requirements, maintaining your unique educational voice.

Guarding Privacy: We prioritize the security of student information. FacultyAid ensures complete data privacy, with automatic deletion of assignments post-analysis.

While FacultyAid is a work in progress, the prototype is fully operational and ready to demonstrate how it can transform your grading workflow. It’s crafted to bolster, not replace, the invaluable expertise of educators, giving you more time for what you love most about teaching.

If the prospect of reclaiming hours and personalizing feedback for your students excites you, I’d be thrilled to showcase a demo of FacultyAid. Just reach out if you’re interested. Together, let’s redefine the future of education.

Check out FacultyAid here.